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For oncology and other specialty oral and self-injectable medications, our end-to-end process and tools allow your practice to effectively purchase, dispense, and bill self-administered therapies for a seamless treatment experience.

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Establishing a new revenue stream doesn’t have to be disruptive to your practice or patients. The experts at Ƶ can help you implement a new medically integrated dispensary (MID) or optimize your existing program to support the high-quality, efficient delivery of self-administered therapies directly to your patients. In fact, we help over 1,800 dispensing clinicians fill more than 984,000 prescriptions per year.

From sourcing medication and supplies through our GPO to technology solutions to network access through our Pharmacy Services Administrative Organization (PSAO), Health Mart Atlas, our end-to-end process and tools allow your practice to effectively purchase, dispense, and bill self-administered therapies for a seamless treatment experience. Discover the confidence that comes from having insightful advisors who collaborate with you to grow your business.

Let us clear the path so you can care for your patients.

Streamline the oncology treatment process with ScriptPASTM

ScriptPASTM, Patient Access Support, is a program designed to increase script capture for the MID by performing a benefit investigation to assess if the practice’s MID pharmacy can fill the prescription. It assists practices with reducing barriers to access and provides front-end support for pharmacy prescription processing.

  • First, it expedites a prescription through the benefit, eligibility, and authorization process.
  • Next, it analyzes financial data and copay assistance details to understand both payer and patient responsibility.
  • Finally, it returns the clean prescription to your MID for fulfillment, all within an average of 1.5 days versus the industry average of 5.8 days*.

It’s flexible, too. ScriptPAS is an à la carte, fee-for-service offering, which means less time on administrative tasks and more time for patients. Supporting either new or existing medically integrated pharmacies and dispensaries, ScriptPAS blends seamlessly with your current prescription processes to reduce operational challenges and save time. Contact us to learn how ScriptPAS can help your practice.

Discover how Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers quickly moves prescriptions through prior authorization with ScriptPAS. (PDF, 600 KB)

Optimize your medically integrated pharmacy or dispensary

Our pharmacy advisors can help take your dispensing to the next level. With years of pharmacy management and operations experience, they analyze, observe, and recommend clinically sound, evidence-based action plans to increase profit, decrease cost and improve efficiencies.

Learn how our pharmacy advisors helped remove barriers and increase revenue (PDF, 1.1 MB) for one multi-site practice.

Expand your patient population through innovative solutions

Medically integrated dispensing is quickly becoming fundamental to community oncology, despite the increase of Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM)-owned central fill pharmacies. To support filling scripts beyond first fill, Ƶ has joined IntegratedRx™-Oncology, a clinically integrated program developed by Prime Therapeutics that streamlines the treatment pathway and connects the patient to the physician for continuous care. Discover how helps your practice improve speed to therapy, drives adherence and provides access to patients.

*Over 95% of cases completed in 5 or fewer days. Individual results may vary based on case complexity and our receipt of the necessary prescription and patient information.

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Case Studies

Alliance Cancer Specialists

Alliance Cancer Specialists implemented a medically integrated dispensary program at 2 of their 11 locations. After learning that the revenue generated from these locations did not benefit the other nine, they worked with Ƶ to better understand state dispensing regulations, expanded their operations and doubled their prescription volume.
Download the Case Study (PDF, 1.1 MB)


Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers

By leveraging ScriptPAS to process challenging prescriptions with complex prior authorization requirements, Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers has not only decreased prescription leakage but has also recaptured over $27K in additional profit and experienced a return on investment (ROI) of 1500%.
Download the Case Study (PDF, 600 KB)

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